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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  March 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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rize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> good evening everyone. i'm carolyn chron son. dan has the night off. we begin in oakland where 2 children have been sent to the hospital. unintended victims of a shooting there
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tonight. it happened near 86 and bancroft. lets get the latest now from allen wong live from the scene of this shootin shooting. >> i'm to step out of the way so you can look at this really scary accident. police say this happened around 6:30 this evening. apparently the driver of this blue newer model bentley with 24 inch rims plowed into a monte carlo that was taking a left-hand turn on to 86. they were westbound, the driver of the bentley was westbound on bancroft. they were taking a left on 86 street from what we understand. the fire crew had to actually cut the roof off of that monte carlo and get a five year old boy and 10-year-old girl out. their mother and another relative were also in the car. what we are hearing is that the kid were taken to children's hospital but they only had minor injuries. so they escaped serious injuries. same with the mother and the
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relatives out there. they are still trying to figure out how this man got here. who he is. why he was shot. all happened about a block away. and how this all happened. they are also trying to figure out who the suspects are who shot this guy. so very scary scene out here tonight in east oakland. we are going to try to figure out what else happened and how this all happened and have more for you tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. carolyn. >> all right. see you then. >> now what is happening in sacramento. wall of police face off against students this evening. the students protesting budget cuts to hire education. >> fired up can't take it no more. >>reporter: they were at the capitol all day and tonight they got the order to disburse. let's get the latest now from lillian kim who is live at the capitol for us. lillian?
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>> student protestors began occupying the rotunda of the state capitol this afternoon. finally after several disbursal orders officers made their mov move. >> you are here by ordered to immediately remove from the area. >> reporter: at least 4 disbursal orders given in a span of over an hour. chp with jurisdiction over the capitol waited to give the order until after the building closed at 6:00 p.m. about an hour and a half later officers began making arrest. no one put up a fight. each went peacefully and arrested for trespassing. unable to you can take to the protestors being taken away but beforehand they told us all of this was worth it to make their point. the point is that the state needs to stop make cuts to education. >> we show that we are going to take advantage of the only power that we have which is our
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people power because we don't have the money power. money power is circulating here. circulating in the financial district in san francisco and new york city and wall street. so is all we have is what we have right here and so we stay here and utilize that. >> we can make change and it takes a lot of organizing and planning and a lot of passion and i think passion is the most important part. we obviously have a lot of it. >>reporter: tonight arrest inside rotunda culmination of series of demonstration that began this morning. students administrators and teachers came from all over the state to protest cuts to education funding and tuition hike. so it was a busy day here at the state capitol. and to the delight of law enforcement none of it got out of hand. live in sacramento, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> all right thanks. >> hundreds perhaps even thousands of san francisco conviction for driving under the influence being called into question. public defender, district attorney say cases going back at least to 2006
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could be dismissed because of a problem with the breath testing did he advises. heather are reports. >>reporter: the out go sensor 4 dui breath testing did he advice similar to this has been in use by the san francisco police since 2001. public defender and district attorney say the department 20 sensors not properly maintained since at least 2006. >> results that we have here i think plainly show that the testing was not being done. >>reporter: the attorneys say police calibration and accuracy log show page after page of column with the same result when there should have been a difference. >> this seems not only peculiar but it would be mathematical impossibility soil. we are doing the calibration which is given the single, the same result all the time. have they actually done the second portion of this which is the accuracy test the test would
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vary. >>reporter: this throws into question hundreds if his not thousands of san francisco police dui conviction where the sensor was used. theory viewing cases. sf pd stopped using the did he advice and has its own investigation under wa way. he became police chief 3 years after the bad testing began and no way he could have known what the small unit of 2 testing officers were doychlingt i think that it seems impossible inform even for myself or any of the other chiefs to have necessarily have knowledge that there was a failure to follow procedure here. >>reporter: though many cases could ultimately be dismissed the breath test is only one piece of evidence for a conviction. for now they use the same field so bright test commonly used by all law enforcement. this is 7 news. >> san francisco 49 ers are moving forward with plans to build a new billion dollar
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stadium in santa clara after failed last ditch effort by stadium opponents to stop them. today santa clara county superior court judge ruled the stadium financing deal didn't have to be put out before voters again. opponent had artiond the 850 million dollar construction loan was too risk risky. it was passed in 2010 but didn't spell out the how the prom equity would be financed. >> judge totally vindicated the views on this which was saying the measure j could not be undone. >> 49 ers have just taken the right to vote away from the citizens of santa klir and very disappoint entered that. but our options aren't over and we are going to have a discussion with our attorneys and see what other options are available to us. >>reporter: reconstruction is already under way stadium site near great america in santa clara. team hopes the 68,000 seat facility will be ready as early as the 2014 season. yahoo new ceo prepare for major
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restructuring of the company including significant layoffs. all things here reporting the new ceo thompson is planning lay off to likely number in the thousands. division being targeted include product, public relations, marketing and research among others but not media. silicon valley internet giant has dwn through 5 large work force reduction in the past 5 years this would be the biggest ever. today yahoo issued this statement to abc 7 news saying our ledership is engaged in process that generate significant strategic change at yahoo but final decision have not yet been made. >> the attorney for san francisco sheriff mirkarimi trying to get his domestic violence trial moved out of town. lee ann on the odds of this happening. >>reporter: sheriff mirkarimi lawyer said a change of venue is needed in the domestic violence case against her client. >> you have publiclis. >> you have the unique facts of
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the case given his position in the community. you have pretty much on slot of coverage to which the citizens of san francisco are entitled but he's also spwailingtsed to a fair trial. >>reporter: prosecution must now respond to that motion. hearing will later follow. district attorney george said change of venue request is not common. said he wpts to make sure mirkarimi gets a fair dea deal. >> the first concern is the defendant needs to have a fair trial. it's to make sure that we have a jury that is unbiase unbiased. if that's what it takes well do it. >>reporter: legal analyst dean johnson says the move isp unusual especially in a misdemeanor case like this one. >> i think the chances of getting a change of venue are almost non-existent. >>reporter: mirkarimi faces 3 misdemeanor counts in connection with a december 31 incident in which prosecutors say he bruised his wife's arm lopez during an argument. jury selection was supposed to continue today but it was put
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off because of a number of pending hearings and motions. one of those happened this afternoon in court judge wong decided to allow the testimony of christina florez. former america rim girlfriend who filed a police report claiming she too was abused. the defense asked that her testimony not be allowed because florez filed the report only after mirkarimi was charged on january 13. this is abc 7 news. >> there's a lot more to get to tonight. snobler dies after triggering after lavrm in the sierra. that story coming up. >> earthquake that woke up so many of us around the bay area today. we show you the epi-center. l. >> this poll shows that ron paul is the best candidate that stacks up against obama. >> republican campaign commercial you may never see as candidate gear up for super tuesday tomorrow. >> accu-weather forecast cente center. wind and rain and cold are coming our wait a minute i
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>> man riding a snowmobile died after he triggered an avalanche. the slide near carson pass annual pine county happened around 3:30 friday afternoon. wave of snow
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carried him downhill into tree and buried him. this weekend search team recovered his body and later used explosive to clear the area of further avalanche danger. >> a lot of people woke up early this morning from 2 back-to-back earthquake. magnitude 2.9 shock hit at 5:33 in el cerrito. followed 7 seconds later bay 4. epi-center of the quake was a golf course. more tonight from wayne. >> how stable the ground always seems until a morning like today. >> it woke me up. big jolt. wham. >> then it rained on my kloychblingt i come in. >> such is the risk of living along this fault. wiggle and potentially dangerous line of uncertainty running from tremont to rich mopped with millions of lives held hostage to the whim. today the fault show as familiar part of el cerrito 5 miles beneath the
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golf and country club where there is is an earthquake monitor for such occasion. it's a pocket where quake cluster the experts tell us. >> this cluster has been thoroughly active. 13 earthquake in the last 40 year years. >>reporter: they describe the two quake as being typical. smaller one triggered the larger one but neither did much damage. normally liquor store suffer from events like this. in 3 of them today not one bottle spilled. >> nothing fall. i hope nothing fall. >>reporter: nor did fireplaces crumble or buildings topple n.short it was just another early morning wake up call from a dangerous earthquake fault taking its gee logic time. >> there is strain along the fault. small once don't relieve enough energy to make any difference in terms of the probability of a larger quake occurring. >>reporter: the large one willow occur. traditionally the hayward fault has a lot of quake in the 3 to 4 range 1 40
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years or so it goes big in the high 6. we are overdue for that and when it comes the damage is in the billions of dollars. in el veet oshtion abc 7 news. >> we are certainly seeing a shift in the weather. wind is picking up and it is so much cooler out there. >> very chilly out there. finally feels lake winter. but may not last very long. it will get colder before it warms up that's for sure. live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville. west along the bay bridge to to san francisco and see evidence of some low cloud off in the distance here. skies are still relatively clear although they are becoming increasingly cloudy. we have a little cold front coming our way. here's live doppler 3 areas of moisture one well to the north up at humboldt county. sliver of moisture working its way into the area that is basically the border between southern mendocino county and area of light shower activity moving out towards reno area but we are going to get some of those
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showers during the early early morning hours. right now it's pretty chilly. 51 redwood city and if i oakland 40's most location and falling. these are highlights. we see a few early morning showers. not all parts of the bay area will be wet. turning cold and blustery hype the cold front that brings us the showers and we have warmer day ahead on wednesday through friday. satellite radar composite image shows approaching frontal system with showers ahead of the front and here's the big pool of colder air behind the front that brings us winter like chill. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and during the overnight hours into the early morning hours we see showers arriving with the front just before the beginning of our morning rush before 5:00 a.m. and through the early part of the rush hour then the front sweeps through. cold air comes behind it and if there's another enough behind the front we could see snow on mount hamilton. snow level down to 3000 feet that depends on wl whether there is moisture trailing the frontal system. clearing after that. later in the day. windy conditions.
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gale warnings over the coastal water. wind gusting rather briskly tomorrow. wind advisory in effect from noon tomorrow to mid nature tomorrow night. wind out of the northwest gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour even stronger gust over the hills. be on the look out for. that to the sierra with a winter weather advisory in effect. until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we expect 3 to 6 inches of snow above 4000 feet up to about 8 inches of snow above 8,000 feet and there could be chain control hazardous driving conditions or travel delay. bay area tonight cool but not terribly cold. see low dropping into the upper 30's in parts of the north bay like napa santa rosa. then tomorrow cool and blustery day. lots of wind. sunshine in the afternoon. high pressure though only in the mid 50's for most part and near monterey bay similar range of high mid 50's as well. accu-weather 7 day forecast. we are going to have a very cold morning on wednesday morning overnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning low drop into the mid
9:19 pm
20's in the coldest location in the north bay. then we have mild afternoon on wednesday and thursday and friday will be down right warm as high pressure climb back into the mid 70's by friday. then saturday night or sunday morning don't forget to set the clock ahead we spring forward today late saving time and next monday rain is likely again. so we have lots of changes. >> we sure do. >> in the space of 7 days. >> a little bit of everything. everybody should be happy. >> exactly. >> thanks. >> coming up next. sounds of the city. you meet some of the local musician who turn your the city. you meet some of the local musician who turn your daily commute into a symphony >> my parents want me to be a doctor but lack what i'm doing >> my parents want me to be a doctor but lack what i'm doing here >> and later. local college athlete pulls off an impressive double. stay with us. news -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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>> when was the last time you went to a conserve. there are free ones every day in the bay area. wayne takes his videocamera underground and listens in. >>reporter: it hats become overwhelming disnant sound. never ending sound of your been people and machines in motion. but just on a stairway next to market street there's a underground haven to escape. >> this game as some call it you don't know until you go. him if ♪ . >>reporter: maybe you have never heard of earl. but around the bart system they know his face and music. and he's not alone. >> if you can make it here you cap make it anywhere. my parents want me to be a doctor
9:24 pm
but look what i'm doing here. >>reporter: what he is doing is rush hour in bart embarcadero staichlingts exemplify darr whip in music. everybody tells you not that many gig. if and this audience is potentially one of the world largest. distracted one. moving one. hurried one. >> people lack in the tip jar and say wow! he's making a kill. they don't know you pay one bill and you are broke. >>reporter: any rapid transit station in any big city reinforces the notion that the closer we find ourselves to stranger the more distance we tend to need. music pulls people together. >> i see people wish they had time to stop. some can't tell what you see. sometimes the face you see is very rewarding but you get a smile that lets you know that what you are doing does something for them.
9:25 pm
♪ bart has been attracting musician since the system opened. this happened by accident. >> well because it has soundproofing. this is good spot. >>reporter: acoustic were part of the design but not necessarily for musician. this is bart unofficial historian the guys who retired after 3 decades with the agency. he remembers how bart tried to keep musician out at first. in 1987 it took a lawsuit by a now dead violinist nicholas to guarantee their place here. >> so even though bart lost the case did bart win? >> i think in the long run, ye yes. >>reporter: today thanks to the violin bart is weighed open to symphony of soloist playing all kind of instruments some with names that an average guy can't announce. this instrument?
9:26 pm
about and city filled with so much otherwise noise aren't you happy to have most of the music any way? guys like them are much a part of trains and turn style. more than the structure they are the soul of the place. >> man what i am giving is prisonless. it's real, man. you can't give what you ain't got. right? >>reporter: you will never necessity until you good. at san francisco embarcadero bart necessity until you good. at san francisco embarcadero bart station, wayne, abc 7 news >> sounds fantastic. when we continues tonight. republican race for president and the air waves turn into a battle field. >> is rick santorum ready to be waves turn into a battle field. >> is rick santorum ready to be present? 10 state 10 primary. coast to coast test with super tuesday now just hours away.
9:27 pm
>> also tonight. why the president is changing things up for the g-8 summit. airlines make changes to accommodate all the passengers maxing out on the carry on allowance. half hour of news continues in just the carry on allowance. half hour of news continues in just
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is. >> high stake meeting at the white house today. president obama met one on one with is israeli prime minister to talk about the growing nuclear threat from iran. probably their last chance to speak iran is made. fore a decision more tonight from abc news. >>reporter: image was of unity but the disagreement were hiding in plain sight. >> we do believe that there is still a window that allows for
9:31 pm
a diplomatic rest logs to the issue. >>reporter: prime minister made no mention of diplomacy today. quite the contrary. speaking volume about the urg urgeen situation he feels in what he did not say. >> israel must reserve the right to defend itself. >>reporter: praiment mess memorable line underscore that israel will need most powerful ally if it comes to military confrontation. >> we are you and you are us. we are together. >>reporter: president obama went far but not that far. >> united states will always have israel's back when it comes to israel security. >>reporter: the prime minister wanted the u.s. to more directly threaten u.s. military force against iran if it attempts to make a nuclear weapon. but what israel goshingts reit ration of the u.s. position. >> when i say all options are on the table i mean it. >>reporter: both sides said the meetings went well. talked for 3 and a half hours along with top aide and officials. agreeing that iran can not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. what might result?
9:32 pm
nuclear arms race in one of the most unstable parts of the world. attack on israel. and/or terrorism. but what of the potential consequence office israeli attack. further spike in gas appraiser doubling the cost of barrel of oil and military response from iran. >> if the iran use the the weapon in retale tall yaition they use it against is israeli and jewish institution throughout the world. if the united states gets involved then they use it against americans and american facilities. >>reporter: the president is very concerned about u.s. troops in serms terms of sending them in harm way if there is potential conflict an also about repercussion against them given that there are u.s. troops in diplomat in afghanistan and u.s. diplomat in iraq both of which pwrder eye run. this is abc news the white house. >> while the prime minister an
9:33 pm
president were meeting in washington, israel president perez played a visit to the bay area today. he got a hands on tour of ibm, plant in san jose and today he dined with technology leaders and will stop by facebook and google this week. he's here to encourage investment and research in israel. first sitting is israeli president to visit the bay area. >> white house is making an unusual abrupt change for the upcoming g-8 economic summit being reelectricityed from chicago to the presidential retreat at camp david in maryland. white house says the move will allow for more than the mat discussions. president obama rarely spends time at kilometer david. g-8 summit on may 18 and 19 is the first time he hosted the world leaders there. >> former first lady bush in texas today speaking at a forum with some very blunt comments when asked about the political climate this campaign season. >> till think the worst campaign i have ever seen in my life. i just hate it. i hate
9:34 pm
the fact that people think compromise is a dirty word. >> mrs. bush by the way is a supporter of mitt romney. on the eve of the biggest day of the republican race mitt romney and rick santorum ballots each other for super tuesday biggest prize. mark tonight with the fight and how it is shaping up for california. >>reporter: no matter who wins the contests tomorrow night the conditioned dads will split the delegates and in states where the vote is close, del gets will be pretty evenly split. >> we can have a good day tomorrow in ohio what do you think we are if a grit campan i need your help. >>reporter: of the 10 states voting tomorrow ohio the bi biggest. romney is surging in the buckeye statement he has been out spending santorum by more than 10 to wichbility is santorum ready to be president. he's never run a business. never run a state. would you have voted to let convicted violent felon rae gain the right to vote. santorum voted yes.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: he said today the fact that he's close in ohio shows that romney can not seal the deal with conservative. point that gingrich made in this one. >> conservative are fed up with the establishment picking our candidate for us. >>reporter: when the contest wine down to california in june, will the republicans still be pushing the same messages. our analyst dent think soil. first of all i think it's very unlikely that anybody but romney on the republican side has enough money to spend in california. >>reporter: bay area and los angeles are 2 of the motor expensive media market in the country. the professor says romney has to pick and choose his targets. >> i would see him focusing very much on perhaps the housing problems in california on the high unemployment level. >>reporter: in the general election romney knows turning california that a red state is extremely unlikely. so his strategy may to soften up support for the president. >> the more he gets obama to
9:36 pm
spend in states like california then it makes it harder for obama to spend in swing states. >>reporter: thanks to the stanford communication lab, come big those political ads that are playing in the caucus and primary states, if you would like to see them we have a link on our web site. just click on see it on tv. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. government new consumer protection act agency is now accepting complaints about student loans. consumer financial protection bureau says anyone has trouble with billing, advertising or collection by private student lenders it wants to hear about them. they will relay complaints to the department of education. americans owe more to student lenders than credit card company. >> the avoid fee on check bag nearly then out of 10 airline passengers are using carry on bags and according to the industry the size of those carry on is getting larger. the problem is the overhead bin are not. they are filling up quickly. some airlines
9:37 pm
including united and delta are replacing or upgrading the bin to hold more luggage. engineers are actually designing plane interior to kilometer date bulky carry on. this doesn't mean to bring bigger bag on board. airlines trying to crack down on that during the boarding process. >> coming up from pet hotel to fur. highlights americans are spending more than ever on their pet. >> and under siege and on the move. people leaving their homes and making stunning accusations about syrian homes and making stunning accusations about syrian forces. the news
9:38 pm
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l. >> south san francisco man is in jail tonight accused of molesting at least 4 young girls. investigators say there may be more victims. kile boyd
9:41 pm
was arrested last week. allegations range from rape to inappropriate touching. the incidents happened between 2000 and 2012. >> it seems like all of the alleged abuses occurred within the individual's home. he had lived in the area woodland in the sacramento area and moved his south san francisco around 2002. >>reporter: police say boyd threatened some of the victims with bodily harm to keep them from talking. police ask anyone with any information to please give them a call. senator mccain is asking the international community to support airstrike against syri syria. mccain said the u.s. has a morale and strategic obligation to force out syrian president assad. senate floor today he urged lawmakers to act to help the syrian people. >> they have earned our respect. now they need our support to finish what they started. the syrian people
9:42 pm
deserve to succeed. shame on us. if we fail to help. l. >>reporter: year longo offensive in syria has resulted in at least 7500 deaths. united nations humanitarian chief is heading there on wednesday after being denied access last week. despite that un visit the syrian government is still blocking the red cross from entering parts of homes. rest didn't there are fleeing the 60. they say the army is committing mass atrocity. bbc paul wood sent this exclusive report from the out skirts of the city. >> on a road out of h o ms just part of the exodus from here they endured week under bomb boardment and fled panic before traps arrive. >> we have no arm. even our children forced to flea our home upped darkness. >> they are terrified what forces will do now. they walked for 3 days to avoid
9:43 pm
soldiers. here's why. whoever is taken at check point will be killed. they took our husband she describes. they took them at checkpoint. everyone shares the same fear. that their husband are not coming back. for now, they are on their own. with nothing. absolutely freezing here. the kids have a night in a house with no heat and no electric electricity. >> and more than that, they are wondering what on earth happened to their father. this family say they witnessed a massacre. on friday troops took 36 men and boy from his one district they say. killing them all. my son throat was cut she said. he was 12. they butched 4 people. soldiers were using knives and killing people like this. the victims hands were tied up. >> we manage to cross the checkpoint but 2 of my brother
9:44 pm
were detained. imagine to save one. but they took one with them and killed him. my father life isn't worth more than the young people we have lost. >>reporter: can such horror stories be true? these mende effected from an elite army unit only last week. they told me that civilian were targeted. prisoners killed. if lieutenant gave us the order he says. we were told in this operation shoot at anything that moves. civilian or military you shut at it. orders were given to tell people we were about to execute. this is the price of freedom you are fighting for. people are killed for no reason whatsoever. there is international outrage. but no agreement about how to bring this to an end. this is bbc news outside homs. >> and stay with us. there is
9:45 pm
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choose from ham or bacon with egg and cheese on toasted sourdough. get 2 for just $3.50. i'm bacon surfing! hey, 5th grade teacher. hi brian. this is an awesome dream. woo! i've had better. ♪ subpoena. >> americans have set a new regard for how much they spent on their pets. 50 billion dollars in 2011. american pet product association breaks down the numbers. they say pet owners shelled out just under 20 billion on food. 13 billion on vet care. almost 12 billion on supplies and over the counter medicine. also close to 4 billion dollars for groo grooming boarding and pet sitting. apparently this category saw the biggest surge. the group says animal sales and adoption are flattening out and number of people who switched over to high end food product is topping out as well.d
9:49 pm
speed record. military is funding development of the cheetah and today it lived up to its name running 18 miles an hour on tread mill at laboratory in massachusetts. this is just the beginning. scientist want the cheetah to run 40 miles an hour indoors. actual free running prototype will be tested later this year. it's not clear exactly how the military plans to use this robot. all right. let's get one last check of the forecast this hour with spencer christian. >> okay you may need to run fast to warm-up with cold weather coming. lets start with the time lapse view this afternoon from the high definition east bay hills camera looking back at san francisco that appears to be swallowed up by the load clouds rolling in from the coast line. we have increase in our wind tonight as well as increase in coastal clouds with gusting at sfo to 31 miles per hour up to 21 miles per hour at half moon bay. 20 miles per hour gust at san jose and many location inland with sustained wind at 20 miles per hour or more so it
9:50 pm
gets windier and cooler and quite blustery. we have a wind advisory in effect from noon tomorrow to mid nature tomorrow night and winds gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour at times stronger gust over the hills and gale warnings over the coastal water. tomorrow high after the passage of early morning front only in the mid 50's so pretty chilly tomorrow. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's down right cold over tonight tomorrow night into wednesday morning. inland low in the 20s to low 30's. then warm-up a little bit on wednesday afternoon and a lot more on thursday or friday with high pressure in the mid 70's by the end of the week. we set our clock ahead for daylight saving time over the weekend and next monday winter weather back to rain. >> that makes sents. >> exactly. >> thanks spencer. >> larry is here with preview of sports for us. >> we have great college basketball highlights for you tonight. thriller with st. mary's. trying to lock up ncaa tournament bid and end up in overtime with the arch rival from gonzaga. who gets the
9:51 pm
trip whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy, i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. [ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here.
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an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys. i can plug in and go 35 miles gas free, or i can fill up and go a whole lot farther. is that my burger? oh. i just got bun. i didn't even bite any burger.
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9:54 pm
city. coming on 7 news tonight at 11:00. man is pulled to safety after the car that you see here burst into flames. it's remarkable story of heroism coming up in an hour. >> local college students left in the lurch after administrators shut down 100 classes. all these stories coming up on channel 7 at 1 11:00. right now though larry is here with some amazing basketball to share with us. >> they may want to shut down classes at st. mary's. they are partying tonight as a result of this game. they have had to sweat out selection sunday for so many years. no sweat this year because they left it all on the court. playing their arch rival from gonzaga west coast conference championship game. matching wit once again in a classic title game in las vegas. second half here going strong to the rack. 46-38. 2 and a half minutes to play. matthew the runner no. broader. stick
9:55 pm
back. yes. 67-63 gales. in20 second. still up 3. they mug him jump bull instead of foul. 8 seconds left and harris left over for a deep 3. to tie it at 68. 3.7 left. runner did desperation no so we good to over time. jordan drives and scores and the gales up 2. sick seconds left. pair of free throw. pretty much ice it. kevin 3 is blocked by waldo. 78-74. st. mary's. captures the regular season and conference tournament title and most important the guaranteed ncaa by. they are in. bitter sweet honor for guiteirez of cal player of the year and defensive player of the year. first time one player has received both honors but the award come after cal blew a
9:56 pm
chance to capture a share of the pack 12 title over the weekend with that loss to stanford. cal heads that the conference tournament as the no. 2 seed. stanford star here named women pack 12 player of the year and co-defensive player of the year. she and her sister led them to perfect record in conference play and they are ranked no. 2 in the country. to the nba. schizophrenic warrior. wrapped up a 5 game east coast swing. one game brutal and looks like boy this team need to be rebuilt completely but tonight brilliant in washington. giants fan in the nation capitol. warriors rolling first quarter. with authority. 17 points and 6 board. all warrior. final seconds of the first quarter. monty even that goes. 41-24 golden state. finished with 25. curry back. that's spectacular. reverse.
9:57 pm
had 12 points here deep 3. warriors were on fire in this game and beat a bad wizard team 120-100. end the trip at 2 and 3. it's the famous baseball question asked by abbott and costello years ago. who is on first? that's what the giants are trying to figure in and out spring training. here's mike. >> runners go. struck him out with the slider. >>reporter: huff admits off year in 2011 hitting 2 4612 home run 59 rbi and 90 strike outs. 35-year-old knows he's fighting for his job this spring. >> of both players. bill came up and he was up and down a lot last yeevrment i'm sure that was tough on him. i did the same thing when i was younger. bill had great approach to the plate impressed me a lot. couple young guy breathing down my neck but they have to get it because they are fighting me for it. >>reporter: 23-year-old bell was last year phenom made the
9:58 pm
team but struggled at the plate hitting 225 with nine home run and 18 rbi splitting time between fresno and san francisco. he played fall ball in dominican republic trying to rediscover his stroke. >> i'm working on being aggressive at the plate. getting the confidence back and where i want to be. all the competition will make for some good baseball. hopefully play my best and earn a spot. >>reporter: 27-year-old brett broad up late last season and in 15 games hit 300 and 9 rbi right hand hitter of the 3. >> how do you pull for the other guys when fighting for the job again. >> it was easy last year i came up everybody was rooting for each other and one of my biggest supporters. hope i can help the team win but however it works out that's great either way. >>reporter: all 3 also play left field that gives bruce some options. with the giants, abc 7 ncaa sports. >> giants tonight. why good to keger when you can wear the keg
9:59 pm
as a hat. wow! giants host. brewers on cue taking claim to first base. solo homer in the fourth. 2 nothing giants. 3 in the seventh. pitching. tl i got it i got it i ain't got it. then jeff trying to score and trips over the white line. wow! yes. not the way they drew it up but the brewers win 7-3. a's and angel to most prolific home run hitter of all time. ramirez. first at bat as angel. double to left after brad peacock who was pulled after getting only 5 out in the game. albert went 2 for 3. 2nd inning here he comes. there it goes. kendrick with bo-all angels win 9-1. split squad action. josh had 2 hits in that game. >> all right thanks larry that does it for this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on


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